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Engineered in the second half of the Hi-Static Sound Laboratory (which doubles as a textile and electronics design workshop) the 'Un-Static MPZ Mk1' is the first piece of hardware being developed by Hi-Static. Designed by our head of design Mr. John Connor, this handheld portable drum machine boasts a surprising number of features. The MPZ (Melt Pot Zero) will act as a digital audio source accommodating up to 16 pre-programmed sounds meticulously chosen and engineered within the Hi-Static Sound Laboratory (4 banks of 4). The hardware will also double as a mappable Midi controller. In addition we hope to have swing programming and sampling capability by launch time which is estimated at May 1st, 2014.

Hardware features are as follows:
- 1 1/8" Output jack
- 1 Midi Output jack
- 16 x 2 Character LCM screen
- 4 Velocity sensitive, LCD lit rubber drum pads
- 4 Bus controls (Shift, Play, Rec, Tap)
- 3 Endless parameter knobs

ships out within 98 days
edition of 20 

  $270 CAD or more 




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